Community Art Mural

Like many businesses, we boarded up the front of our building while we were closed due to pandemic restrictions. This created a large blank ‘canvas’ and we wanted to bring some colour & cheer to the streetscape.


During this time, many homes in London were decorated with messages of support and community spirit. We thought it would be fun to try and create something similar – while adding an escape room twist! We decided to manufacture wooden puzzle piece panels in our workshop and offer them (for free) to anyone interested in participating in a large mural project.


We posted on our social media sites and the response was amazing! Over 180 puzzle pieces were created by artists, children, community members and groups. We kept the process ‘contactless’ by delivering the panel pieces to front porches and collecting the finished artwork one week later using the same method.

While some pieces had escape room elements, the assembled mural reflected many diverse ideas and themes. It was such a fun experience every ‘pick up day’ when we unpacked the artwork –  so many fantastic contributions from people across London.


We also couldn’t resist adding a piece of our own…one of the puzzle pieces contains the theme to our newest escape room (opening soon!). It is still a secret which piece it is. Can you guess?


The mural received local press coverage on CTV news, the London Free Press and has been included in Western University’s online Covid archive. After re-opening we salvaged as many pieces as possible and they are now displayed inside our building. Make sure you take a look next time you visit!