COVID19 Safety Precautions

We made a number of changes related to COVID19 precautions before re-opening our business. Some of which will seem obvious to our guests and others are likely a little more subtle.


Safety has always been an important part of our customer experience. It is something we think about when we design our escape rooms – from game flow and props, to space restrictions and number of players. You will also hear us speak about safety as we brief customers about their upcoming game. It sometimes sounds a little funny to remind guests to please refrain from climbing into the ceiling or not to try to take apart a security camera…however all of these requests come from a safety concern. (And trust us, there is nothing hidden inside the camera that would help you!)


The safety precautions that we introduced specific to COVID19 were based on guidance released by the local health unit and national government advice. We also consulted with industry groups and cleaning supply experts. 

New booking schedule:

An early step we took was to drastically reduce the number of potential customers onsite at once. We changed our booking calendar and lengthened the amount of time in-between games. The vast majority of the time, a team will be the only group onsite and in a few cases where there might be two teams we have staggered start times so that only one should be in the lobby at once. Our games have always been private; you never share a booking with anyone other than your own team.

Facemasks & sanitizer:

We now request all customers use hand sanitizer upon arrival, wear their facemasks (we will supply one if needed) and refrain from visiting if at all unwell. We installed plexiglass around our front lobby desk and additional hand sanitizer dispensers throughout the building. Staff wear facemasks and will maintain appropriate physical distancing. 

So squeaky clean:

Our cleaning process between games has increased and we disinfect throughout the game space (any locks, props, touch areas) after each team. We spray disinfecting mist where wiping is not as feasible. After every group we also disinfect the lobby couches, door handles, storage lockers, bathrooms and front counters. 

Game design:

Another safety aspect we changed due to COVID19 was the materials in some of our existing props. We considered how repeated, more intensive cleaning would impact some elements and swapped these out for more durable items. One example was adding a wipeable clear coating to a paper based prop. In another game we have a square of fabric  – in this case we sewed multiple new fabric pieces so that we could rotate a new one for each game (and then wash afterwards).


If you have any questions about our safety protocols please ask! We will continue to follow expert advice and make cautious, careful changes when appropriate.