Escape Room Themed Boardgames

Did you know that we have a selection of escape room themed boardgames available for sale? We started with just a few titles a couple of years ago, and now have an expanded range with various difficulty levels and game types.


Some games – such as the EXIT the Game series – are one-time use.  You actually might cut, write on or otherwise change part of the game while you play! Although this means they generally cannot be re-played, this element helps to mimic the creativity needed to solve a real-life escape game.

Other titles – like Escape the Room or Escape Room in a Box – can be repackaged and passed along to a friend once you complete them. These games also contain interesting little objects to manipulate and fun progression through tasks and puzzles.


We receive lots of requests for boardgame recommendations so over the coming weeks we will feature posts for each series and provide extra details to help you choose which version might be right for your games night! If you have any questions in the meantime please contact us 🙂

You can browse all available titles either in our lobby or under the Shop section of our website. We currently offer free contactless delivery within London (full details in the shop link).