The Trapdoor Trophy of Triumph!

We understand that some escape room enthusiasts enjoy attempting to beat a leaderboard time. We also know that new players can be intimidated by the game times that very experienced teams might be able to achieve.


Our own leaderboard philosophy has evolved. At first, we just maintained an ‘All Time Leaderboard’ but as more teams experienced our games it became harder to gain a spot on this ranking. We then added monthly leaderboards as a way to feature more teams. In both cases, in order to be eligible for leaderboard teams must have completed their game using no more than 3 hints.


Recently, we have decided to introduce the Trapdoor Trophy of Triumph! This super shiny beauty is available for a team photo with any victorious escaper. Hint limits do not apply to be eligible for the Trophy of Triumph. We will keep the All Time Leaderboard for those that request it (still 3 hints to qualify) but have retired the monthly version.


How do you prefer to play? Is a leaderboard an important part of an escape room experience for you? Or is completing the room’s mission your main goal? Let us know when you visit!