Volcano's Ruin

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You have been hired to help with an excavation deep in the jungle of an old temple ruin. The archaeologist you’re working for believes it holds a legendary jewel she’s sought all her career. But after she leaves base camp for supplies you see a nearby volcano has erupted. Can you find the ruin and save the jewel!?


Team size: 3-8 players.

Recommended for 4-6 players, 12yrs+.

$30 per player (+HST).

All Time Leaderboard

1st. RUMBL IN THE JNGL!!  – 33:22

2nd. Andrew Zhang  – 34:57

3rd. Spirit Animals  – 35:21

4th. Skull Crusherz  – 36:39

5th. Red Sunrise  – 39:27

6th. Adverse Possession – 39:30

7th. Kristie Roberts  – 39:31

8th. The Revengers  – 39:40

9th. 30 Rocks!  – 40:14

10th. Crowley Wolf Pack  – 41:04


Additional Game Information

  • Wheelchair Accessible